Pastoral Care

Each of us has times in life when we need help. These times may be due to a crisis situation at home or work, with health, relationships, or bereavement. If God made us, then it makes sense that He'd know how best to help. We believe that Jesus is the true “counsellor, healer, restorer and deliverer” and we seek to be His instruments at specific times of crisis or deep need.

Pastoral care in D-Groups

Your D-Group Facilitator is the person who oversees you pastorally. He/She is the first port of call in time of need and will refer to someone else according to the type of need. They will care for you generally but are not called to provide 'counselling' or prayer ministry.


Pastoral Visiting

We offer one-off visits to anyone who needs help and cannot physically get to church or D-Groups due to illness or being in hospital. Please contact the Church Office.


Prayer Ministry

We seek to offer prayer for anyone who needs it.  If you would like to pray with someone after a church service, please approach the preacher or one of the deacons and they will pray for you.

If you would like to meet up with somene during the week to pray, then contact so this can be arranged. We can also get the whole church to pray for you or a sitution if you request this.