It's great to be at church together on Sundays! However it is hard to build friendships in such a short time, or to really get into any meaningful discussion about the topics covered in the service. This is why we have 'Discipleship Groups'. 


D-groups are small gatherings of people who meet weekly to discuss the sermon, an aspect of Christian life, or to study a book of the bible. This is also a time to grapple with life issues and pray together if you need to. Over time, many people come to view their D-groups as friends that are close enough to be family. 

D-groups meet in the homes of volunteers. We currently have several groups meeting on Tuesday afternoons, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 


If you are interested in visiting or joining a group then contact the office: admin@haylingislandbaptist.org.uk

Lent Course


Running in D-groups

25 Feb - Easter

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