"You don't have to be a Christian to be a good person," we're often told. That is absolutely true - anyone can choose to be kind, considerate and generous. The difference between that kind of choice and what Christians get up to really comes down to a sense of calling. 

We believe that God is good and that he is already at work in all kinds of ways in the world, but that precious few people take the time or make the effort required to tap into that, believing instead that they can figure out for themselves what's most needed. Sometimes it is obvious what's needed, but it's also possible to actually undo some of the good work that God is already up to when we don't check in with him before taking action. This is because biblically and historically its very evident that God values different things from us and we often have agendas that clash with his. For example, when it comes to us, God values things like forming a relationship with him, finding our identity in the secure knowledge of his love for us, growing in wisdom through character-forming experiences, and ultimately learning how to love not just ourselves, but one another with a deep and lasting love that comes directly from our relationship with God himself. Apart from God, we tend to look for fulfilling human relationships and a sense of worth in our actions or what other people think of us; we tend to value an easy life, ample resources, and feel-good experiences. These two different value systems can make for very different approaches to "good works".  

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Because we believe God created us to partner with him in his own good works, we believe that God uniquely gifts individuals to fulfil particular roles in what he's up to - much of which started long before we came on the world scene, and which will continue long after we leave it. As such, we approach the world with an eye and ear not just on what seems to be obvious needs, but also on what he might be speaking to us to take note of in our spirits. We search scripture, look for confirmation through others who have learned to listen to God, and test out the circumstances to find our role in things. We don't always get it right, but that's okay - in God's hands, no experience is wasted, and in a loving Christian community, we have a pretty safe place to make mistakes, pick ourselves up, learn, grow, and try again... But when we do get it right, pretty amazing stuff can happen! This is when you'll hear people talking about how they've landed up doing things with their lives that they never even dreamed they were capable of, but which have taken them on a faith adventure with God that they wouldn't trade for anything.  

You have already seen some of what our members are up to within our community on the pages of this website. There are others whose activities take them beyond the church - and indeed even beyond our borders. If you're interested in finding out how God called them, and what he's been doing through them, please click on the following links: 

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