Meet the Team

So many folk are involved in making our church a vibrant  faith community - preachers, administrators, children's workers, worship leaders, musicians, welcome stewards, tea and coffee servers, home group leaders... We won't name all these wonderful people here, but below you'll find information on our leaders: 

Revd Richard Ellingham RN


(A moderator assists a church to discern God's will in the absence of a full-time minister, predominantly through guiding their leaders and charing church meetings.)


Richard is an accredited minister of the Baptist Union.  He trained at Spurgeon’s College and was ordained in 1994. He went on to serve as the Minister of Kingswood Baptist Church in Basildon Essex for 6 years before joining the Royal Navy as a Chaplain in 2000, where he is still employed. He is married to Pam and they have three adult daughters and six grandchildren. He loves football, cooking, eating, the theatre and entertaining friends. In addition to being our moderator, Richard regularly preaches at HIBC. 

Ian Grey 

Charity Trustee
Interim Church Secretary

Ian is a retired member of the police force and now owns his own garden service. He is a highly experienced guitarist and worship leader. He and his wife, Jan, were founding members of HIBC, where Jan heads up the children's ministry. They lead a D-group and are involved in facilitating Fun Days, prayer groups, and various church socials. In his spare time, Ian enjoys outdoor activities, in particular sea kayaking & camping. He and Jan have two married children, two grandchildren and a dog named Barney. 

Terry Worrall

Finance & Data Protection Officer

Terry has been worshiping with us for several years and is involved in many aspects of church life that go on "behind the scenes"... or should we say "behind the screens"? We invariably find him behind a computer, video camera, or tablet sorting out some impossible idea we've presented him with! Terry worked in the financial services sector for many years and is now retired. Terry is married and enjoys spending time with his grown children and grandchildren. 

Claire Roberts 


Charity Trustee

Claire grew up on Hayling Island and has been a member of HIBC since soon after its inception (she was MUCH younger back then). She considers the members here to be family and is a walking history of all the fantastic youth ministries HIBC has had along the way. She is now a paediatric nurse and deeply invested in the needs of children. She is involved in many aspects of church life, including the children's ministry, the tech team, and prayer. 

Andy Keen

& Honoury Treasurer
Charity Trustee

Andy came to the Lord one Sunday when a football match was rained out and he found himself at the Community centre with nothing to do. He slipped into a service and the rest, as they say, is history! Andy and his wife, Anne, have a home full of children whom they love and care for. They are involved in a wide variety of activities aimed at building community relationships.   


Millie Billett


Charity Trustee

Millie was born in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. She moved to Ireland with her work as a Civil Engineer in 2005 and later the UK. She has lived on Hayling Island for over ten years. Millie gave her life to the Lord as a teenager and has a passion for praying for the local community and the nations of the world. In addition, she is runs a D-group and is involved in the tech team and children's ministries at HIBC. Millie is married to Mark and they both enjoy travelling and walking.

Christy Kalfas


Charity Trustee

Christy was born and raised in South Africa. She gave her life to the Lord (repeatedly - just to be sure) from the age of 10. Along the way, she's been involved in various forms of ministry, but mostly music ministries - which makes sense as she's a Music Teacher by day. Through a series of events only God could have orchestrated, in 2016 she and her husband, Nick, found themselves in a part of England they'd never heard of. They have been thoroughly blessed and active members of HIBC since 2017.