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9 May

Acts 23:12-35 The rescue of Paul.


Tiny Tots

Sunday Club

This week’s story is taken from “GOD’S Story” by Karyn Henley, published by Kingsway Publications. Copyright © Karyn Henley, 1998.

God watched over Ishmael as he grew up. Have a look in Genesis chapter 21 and verse 20 to find out where Ishmael grew up.

Life Zone (and intro to worship)


Intercessory Prayers


There are many who say that the safest place to be is in the centre of God's will. Honestly, it can also be a hair-raising place to be, but it is the place where we know that anything that is happening to us is for the highest purpose possible - sometimes for our own benefit, and sometimes for the benefit of others we may, or may not know. There are times we don't even get to know what the purpose of our suffering is within in our own lifetime - just think, all that time that Paul was wasting away in prison, how could he have known that the letters he was writing and the experiences he was sharing would be speaking to us thousands of years down the line!! I don't know about you, but if bad times are inevitable, I want mine to count for something - ideally to point others to the source of a hope I hold for a life way more significant than anything this world alone has to offer.

Bible Study Questions

Read Acts 23:12-35 then consider the following:

1. Define God’s providence.

2. Is there a difference between God’s permitting evil and His ordaining it? If so, what is it?

3. Do you think that God is Sovereign over evil? If so why does evil happen?

4. Which is more comforting? To think that God can control evil or that evil stems from man’s free will?



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