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6 June

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Acts 27 A tempestuous voyage.

Hi everyone

This week sees the end of our blog posts and YouTube videos for our younger viewers. Live classes are opening up again, so come along on Sundays 10am to the Community Centre and join in the fun!

For our older visitors, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel "Hayling Island Baptist Church" here by clicking on the red "subscribe" button to receive a notification each week when the service is in session. Alternatively, you can click on this picture of our logo and select the video with this week's date on it whenever you're ready to join us.

Sunday Club

Life Zone


Questions for D Groups

Discussion Questions

1. Trials can make us either better or bitter. What makes the difference?

2. Is it a sin to be discouraged? Why/why not?

3. It is easy in a trial to feel angry toward God. Is this ever permissible? If so, how? If not, how do we deal with it?

4. Sometimes our attempts to encourage someone fail. How can we offer genuine encouragement in Christ? Are there things that we should avoid saying or doing at such times?


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