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30 May

Updated: May 30, 2021

Acts 26 Paul's defence before Agrippa.

Hi everyone, welcome!

We're excited to announce that this is our first week of live streaming a service at our actual Sunday 10am service time - in other words, we haven't met earlier in the week to record it but are hoping to share it with you in real time, as we're worshipping!

If you haven't already done so, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel "Hayling Island Baptist Church" here by clicking on the red "subscribe" button to receive a notification each week when the service is in session. Alternatively, you can click on this picture of our logo and select the video with this week's date on it whenever you're ready to join us. If you're late, it will be as if you've just walked into the service midway, but don't worry, you can drag the time cursor back to re-start the service and catch up on what you've missed.

If for any reason you don't come right, don't worry, we'll put the link in its usual place on Sunday afternoon so you can view it anytime from then onwards.


Sunday Club

The bible story this morning is taken from “50 CRAZIEST BIBLE STORIES” by Andy Robb, published by CWR. Copyright © 2008 Andy Robb.

BRIDE RIDE. If you’re itching to know if Rebekah left Mesopotamia to become Isaac’s wife, then head for the book of Genesis chapter 24 and verse 67 and you’ll find out.

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