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26 July 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Acts 8:26-40 - A Church on the move: The Ethiopian seeker

Welcome everyone! Today Alan, together with Jonny, Sally, Clare-Alana & Christy, will be leading us in worship.


The children's service can be found on www.hillsong.co.uk, or go to YouTube: "Hillsong kids online service". The weeks are no longer shown so check that it is the most recent online service posted - it is released each Sunday morning.  


You stood before creation/Eternity in Your hands/You spoke the world into motion/My soul now to stand/You stood before my failure/And carried the cross for my shame/My sin weighed upon Your shoulders/My soul now to stand/So what can I say/What could I do/But offer this heart O God/Completely to You/So I'll walk upon salvation/Your Spirit alive in me/This life to declare Your promise/My soul now to stand/So what can I say...

So I'll stand/With arms high and heart abandoned/In awe of the One who gave it all/I'll stand/My soul Lord to You surrendered/All I am is Yours


Keith will be preaching on Acts 8:26-40:

I’m giving you my heart, and all that is within/I lay it all down for the sake of you my King

I’m giving you my dreams/I’m laying down my rights/I’m giving up my pride/For the promise of new life/And I surrender, All to you, all to you/I’m singing you this song/I’m waiting at the cross/And all the world holds dear, I count it all as loss/For the sake of knowing you/The glory of your name/To know the lasting joy/Even sharing in your pain


A message from Sarah before she leads us in prayer:

Great as it is to have these online services every week – and we do thank everyone involved in their production – I am sure that you are all missing our regular Sunday morning gatherings and other face-to-face meetings. Christians in North Korea have never had that option and even meeting in small groups, as we are able, would bring severe punishment, imprisonment and even death. This has really shown me that I have nothing to grumble about.

Covid-19 has made life even more difficult in the poorest countries where work opportunities have been taken away. For instance, in India Christians are denied food rations because of their faith and they rely on provision from Open Doors partners. We are thankful for their presence there.

So let us still ourselves and, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, offer our prayers to our Heavenly Father:



New Wine online

For those who attend this inspiring event each year, good news! It is being aired free of charge online this year. There are talks and events for all ages. Here are the details for what's on offer and how to find it: https://mailchi.mp/new-wine/ubofaqs?e=16fe679fdd

When will services resume at the Community Centre?

These guidelines from the government make it clear that due to the fact we meet in a shared community facility, it is not yet safe for us to open:


However, we are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you posted!

Hayling Holiday Lunches

A reminder that the single delivery for this summer will take place on 27 July. Please contact us if you have any queries. Sarah, Sam and David

Paul Dennison, from the Bridge Church, will continue to collect for the Food Bank. Sarah and David are still happy to receive food for the Food Bank at their home until we are back at church, and even then to organise its delivery to the Bridge. As to Hayling Holiday Lunches, the government has said they will only provide vouchers for the summer and not in future holidays, so we are putting HHL on hold and we will see what happens.

Garden / WhatsApp bible studies

If you'd still like to join please email admin@haylingislandbaptist.co.uk

As you meet this week, begin by praying for the Holy Spirit to guide your discussion. Read Acts 8:26-40, then discuss these questions:

1. Philip has featured much over the last few weeks. What do we learn from his ministry?

2. Race relations are very topical at the moment. What does this story teach us about God's view on it?

3. Share some Old Testament prophecies that Christ fulfilled.

4. How prepared are we to drop everything and "go" if the Spirit calls us? What holds us back?

5. How were you led to Christ? Is there someone you are indebted to for sharing the Gospel?

End by asking for prayer needs in your group, then take time to pray for each other.


If you'd like to donate to the work of this church, you can do so at:


Hayling Island Baptist Church

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Sort code: 53-50-33

If you would like to find out more about how and why Christians donate to churches this article provides relevant scriptures and some interesting history on the topic.

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