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21 February - Lent 1

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

John 8:2-11 "Woman caught in adultery - no condemnation"

Welcome everyone! Please find the link to this week's service here and various notices below - including the answers to last week's Valentine's Quiz!

In case you're wondering if we've forgotten about our young people this week, we haven't! You'll find their presentations after the sermon and closing songs. If you go to our channel on YouTube ("Hayling Island Baptist Church") you will find time stamps under the service and you can click on the ones for the children's sections beneath to jump to their segments.

A huge church family cheer and congratulations to Sarah and David Smith on their golden wedding anniversary on Saturday 20 February.

Sending you all our love and prayers.

Perhaps we can save up all the anniversarys and momentous occasions for a time when we can all come together again and have one massive party!



Valentines Day Quiz link and answers

In case you missed it last week, here is the quiz:

Valentines Quiz
Download PDF • 100KB

No googling aloud!

Here are the answers. We're trusting you to mark yourselves honestly and you can email your score through to Anne at annekeen2@gmail.com

Valentines Quiz answers
Download PDF • 123KB

Winners will be announced next Sunday.

Small group questions

Read John 8: 1-11

1. What options do the scribes and Pharisees believe they are presenting to Jesus?

2. What motivates them to do what they do?

3. How does Jesus view sin (Adultery or anything else)?

4. Why are we so quick to judge others and how might we change if we think that change is needed?

5. What is God’s grace?

Zoom Communion

We will be holding a communion service via Zoom on Sunday evening 7 March at 7pm. Please watch this space for the link which will be posted here on 28 Feb and 7 March. Have a little bit of bread and grape juice (or something similar) on hand when you join us. We look forward to sharing in this special time led by Rev. Richard Ellingham.


If you'd like to donate to the work of this church, you can do so at:


Hayling Island Baptist Church

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If you would like to find out more about how and why Christians donate to churches this article provides relevant scriptures and some interesting history on the topic.

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