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20 September

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Acts 13 - 13-52 'Evangelism in action'

Hello Everyone! Today I (Katie) will be leading you in Worship and Tom (my lovely husband) will be providing the guitar! In yet another strange and unprecidented week for the UK, Evangelism in Action seems so appropriate to the current situation. In a world filled with such uncertain times, God is the one that we all need, with ultimately, all the answers that we could ever need.


The children's service can be found on www.hillsong.co.uk, or go to YouTube: "Hillsong kids online service". It is released each Sunday morning, so do check that it is the most recent post!  

Something New!

This week, we decided to try a small children's section of our own, aimed at around 5 years and under, however, the song Great Big God is loved by lots of people!


This week we are looking again at Acts, and it really pushed us to think about what Evangelism in action really means, the 'in action' part is what can be most difficult, as its the part that challenges us the most. It's the part that says when we have the oppurtunity to talk about the Lord we should grab it and share as freely as we can. This next song really speaks of exactly that to me, "for endless days we will sing your praise" and hopefully we will do that to anyone that will listen!


Reading: Acts 13 - 13-52

Intercessory Prayers

This week, Terry will be leading us in prayer:


Thank you for joining us this week. If it has been your first time, we hope we have made it truly lovely for you. The final song, Blessed be Your Name, has such wonderful words, and is a real testimony of our relationship with God. I would also like to share a video of what seems like a perfect example of evangelism in action, Its an artist called stormzy peforming at Glastonbury festival, he's singing 'blinded by your grace' and manages to have thousands of festival goers singing with him, the way he shows his faith so openly and uses his fame to glorify the Lord is an incredible site. Please do be aware that he is topless in the video, but I felt it was to perfect an example not to share. A real goosebumps moment!

Have a blessed and brilliant week.

Katie and Tom



If you'd like to donate to the work of this church, you can do so at:


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If you would like to find out more about how and why Christians donate to churches this article provides relevant scriptures and some interesting history on the topic.

Should we resume services at the Community Centre?

This week the Leadership team met up considered both the responses we received from you all and the recent changes in government guidelines’ regarding recommencing our church services. It was decided that due to the current change in Government guidelines it would be best NOT to start the church services in October, as originally hoped, but to await further guidance.

We know this will be disappointing for many, however, we are still taking steps towards meeting again by beginning the research required to live stream services so as to cater for both those in attendance and those not able to physically join us. We will keep you posted on our progress. Live streaming will allow people to either watch it live online, or to view it at their convenience. We confess this is a new field for all of us, and therefore value your prayers as we try to arrange this.

For the time being, we will continue with the online service in the format that we have grown used to. We would urge you to keep the amazing support you've been offering going for each other, and please continue to use the church email for prayer requests. Also, do not hesitate to contact the Deacons if further assistance and prayer is required.

Love in a Box

Andy and Anne would like to support Love in a Box again this year, especially as all the charities are suffering and the gifts in the box bring so much joy to the children who would not receive a Christmas present otherwise. The boxes need to be ready for collection by 1 November. If you would like to take part we will drop a leaflet and/or a shoebox off to you if you either call or email us. If you are unable to complete a shoebox but would still like to take part, please donate any of the following: Toothpaste Toothbrushes Flannels Soap Sweets Toys that will fit in a shoebox ie cars, small dolls Colouring books Pens, pencils etc Colouring pencils Note pads Pencil cases Hat Gloves Playing cards Small soft toys When ready, please drop the items off or box off at our home, or let us know and we will collect it.


As many of you will know we should have had our AGM this month, and among other things we would normally vote for new deacons/trustees. This month Ian, Andy and Claire would normally all be up for re-election as they have served for 3 years. In light of the COVID situation we have considered how the membership could vote for re-election, and also sought advice from the BU. As these are extreme circumstances we feel we should follow BU advice and keep the Deaconate as it is until we are able to vote in the way we are accustomed, and where we can pray together as a membership.

We therefore propose that Ian, Andy and Claire remain in the Deaconate until we can meet again as a membership. Although this is not written in our constitution, the BU has advised many churches in the same position that this is appropriate, as long as the membership are aware. If anybody has any concerns about this please contact us. We will look at the situation again in a couple of months, and will update you all again then.

We would encourage you to continue to pray for the leadership of the church. Before lockdown we were considering nominees for both Secretary and Treasurer, currently held by members of the Deaconate. However these important roles still need prayerful consideration by you all, and we will be seeking people to fill these roles as soon as we can. So please join us in prayer as we listen for who the Lord might be calling to these positions.

Finally we would like to thank Terry Worrall for continuing to help us with the church finances, and Mandy for her ongoing support of the leadership.

A note from Vicki:

On Wednesday 2 September, on going to the hospital for a procedure, the nurse attending said to me, 'You are very positive.'

My reply was, 'I belong to a lovely church family who pray for me,' and I shared how the tumour had shrunk. 

Round the curtain another nurse appeared saying, 'I'm eavesdropping. Which church do you go to? What are you doing at this time with the coronavirus?'

So I was able to tell them about our church, where we meet normally. One of the nurses said, 'Your faith, I believe, will see you through.'

I was reminded of the scripture: 'For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, "Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea;" and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.' (Mark 11:23 KJV)


P.S. Also, thank you for all the beautiful cards and gifts that were sent. You never cease to bowl us over. Sending our love and blessings to you. Vicki and David

Food Bank

Paul Dennison, from the Bridge Church is collecting for the Food Bank. Sarah and David are still happy to receive food at their home until we are back at church, and even then to organise its delivery to the Bridge. The government has said they will only provide vouchers for the summer and not in future holidays, so Hayling Holiday Lunches will resume when needed.

Garden / Video bible studies

The weather is cooling down, making it less comfortable to meet in gardens. According to current guidelines, up to 6 people can meet indoors or out. Please check the latest advice from the Government which may change and local restrictions may be applied at short notice. If anyone would still like to link in with a group, please contact Sarah or the office so we can assist you in doing so.

As you meet this week, begin by praying for the Holy Spirit to guide your discussion. Then read Acts 13 - 13-52 and discuss these questions:

1) Do you feel able to summarise the gospel as necessary in order to explain your faith to others?

2) Can you share a time where you have spoken about God to a non-christian? 

3) Do you have answers to pray and/or events in your life that are key examples of Gods faithfulness and appropriate to share with others?

4) Have you ever felt that you have lost your sense of purpose in the church family or generally? How did you find your way back? 

End by praying for each other.

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