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20 June

Acts 28:11-31 Paul in Rome

Hi everyone

Our live services and children's clubs have re-started (Sundays 10am at the Hayling Island Community Centre). You can join the service online by following these simple instructions:

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Questions for D-Groups

Read Acts 28:11-31

  1. As we come to the end of the book of Acts, reflect on what some of the highlights have been for you.

  2. Paul arrives in Rome and takes great encouragement from the Roman believers. Why is continual encouragement of one another's faith so important?

  3. Isaiah's prophecy warns that people will hear and not understand, and that they will see and not perceive. Consider a) some of the obstacles to people receiving/understanding the gospel today; b) some creative ways of reaching people with the gospel message that might assist them past these obstacles.

  4. The cost to the disciples throughout the book of Acts was immense but they saw it as the most worthy way to spend their lives. a) What is living and sharing your faith costing you, and b) is it worth it?


Today marks the end of our series on the book of Acts. Be sure to join us next week as we begin a short series on worship!

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