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17 May 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Acts 2:37-47 - Birth of the Church & Empowerment of Holy Spirit

Hello everyone, Ellen here,

Listening to the news and people in general this week, there’s so much uncertainty. Anxieties and frustrations are overflowing. I was reminded of the words of E. Stanley Jones, who wrote:

Anything less than God will let you down’. For every predicament you face in life, God has sufficient grace to carry you through. For every need, He has a supply. For every problem, He has an answer. For every hurt, He has a cure. After recalling everything God had brought him through, Jeremiah concluded, ‘There is nothing too hard for You,’ Jer 32:17.

Christ at work in us is our ‘strength and shield’.

Last week Christy introduced to me a new song, ‘Yet not I but through Christ in me’. It struck a chord... no, it played a symphony in my heart. We’re going to hear it again now, but how I look forward to singing it alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ when we meet again!

Oh dear Lord, we’re so glad that your goodness and mercy are based on Your character and not on ours. We are more than blessed.

Let now the weak say I have strength...

‘Let now our hearts burn with a flame’ as we listen and respond to what Anne has prepared for us.


Acts 2:37-47

Lord, however this lockdown is affecting us I pray that we will draw closer to you and allow you to break new ground in our lives for the sake of the Kingdom.


Today's prayers are led by Gladys Trigg:

Our loving heavenly Father we come before you this morning with grateful hearts. We thank you for the privilege and freedom to hear and see this service. Thank you for the skill of those who make it available for us.

Our first thoughts are, of course, for all those people who have become mourners since last Sunday. We pray they will find comfort. We pray for all NHS workers as we think of doctors, nurses, the volunteers, cleaners, porters, ambulance drivers, and paramedics, and we thank you for their skills and care.

We are very aware of the need to pray for the persecuted church in so many countries. We, in the UK, have experienced restrictions in the last few months but they have known them for years including extreme discrimination and persecution, even leading to imprisonment and torture. Father God, we lift them up to you today and pray you will be very real to them at this time.

We also think of the refugees affected by the lockdowns. (Please watch the following short clip and pray as you feel led...)

Now, dear Lord, we think of our own fellowship and pray for any who are poorly or concerned for their loved ones. We thank you for Carl's recovery, but are very mindful of Vicky at this time. We pray for her complete recovery and we are so thankful that she is aware of your presence with her. We thank you for our leaders may they know your leading and guiding at all times and your blessing too.

We say all this in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lord, would you breathe on us now, wherever we are, in whatever condition you find us in, breathe your life, your strength, your love and your power into us – we praise you and bless you and receive it with thanks. Amen.

Could we live like this? YES WE CAN!

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all (2 Cor:13-14) Amen.



Our children are following the Hillsong Kids lessons and activities during lockdown. These can be accessed at https://hillsong.com/uk/hskonline/


We continue to encourage you to send in stories of how God has worked in, and through your, life as you've journeyed with him. Last week Alan shared his testimony in the sermon, this week you might like to take a look at Gladys' story about BREAD.

Food for Thought

Greg has put some material together for anyone interested in digging deeper into the book of Acts as we work through this series: https://www.haylingislandbaptist.org.uk/food-for-thought-acts

Praying Hands (from Sarah)

I heard on Premier Christian Radio this week about this praying hands poster which is being used by a church in Exeter - www.rediscoverchurch.com - and has been placed in windows all round the city like the rainbow pictures. It prompted an Amazon delivery driver who saw it to ask what the church member was praying for and led him to ask for prayer for his own family. I am going to put one in our window and you might like to do the same...

Discipleship Groups (Zoom)

Meeting on Tuesday evenings. Email admin@haylingislandbaptist.co.uk if you'd like to find out about joining one.


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