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17 January

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Acts 18:23-28 "The conversion of Apollos"

Christy, Katie, Jan, Richard and Janet, will be leading us in our service today.

Let's begin by singing a song to remind us what (or should I say "who") we're here for - it may just remind you of what Jan read to us last week!

A special birthday...

"Tiny Tots"

Katie has something to share with our youngest members...

Isn't that exciting? But I have a question - if God made us and loves us, why aren't we just born with Him in our hearts? Maybe Jan's story can help us understand more...

Sunday Club

Throughout lockdown, we've encouraged our young people to watch the kids or youth Hillsong online services found on www.hillsong.co.uk, and we encourage them to still do that. But within our own service, Jan will be telling a bible story each week and setting a challenge to find the missing part from that bible story:

Here’s a reminder of your challenge: God had one last bombshell to drop, but to find out what it is you need to head to the bible and look in the book of Genesis, chapter 3 and read verses 20 to 23. If you don't own a bible, Jan can help you to get a bible of your very own but until then, try googling Genesis 3:20-23 or download a fun bible app! Please get your parents or carers to email the answer to jan.grey@btinternet.com and remember that there will be a prize at the end of each month for everyone who has taken part in the challenge!

Young Adults


We may think that our worship begins with us expressing our adoration for God, but it actually begins with God's expression of love towards us - found in scripture and also in the songs of his people. My sister sent me this one when she somehow came across that testimony I just shared as I was putting the service together - "It's my favourite love song from God at the moment," she explained. May we receive it as his song to each of us too:

Worship is our response to God's love song...

Heaven... we can only imagine a time when we can be this close to God, but what is revealed in Scripture promises that it is so much better than anything we could ever know or experience in our lives now (take a look at Revelation 21 for a little reminder...).

But we are still here and while God has so much goodness to share with us even now, there's also lots to cope with in a world that's still dealing with the fallout of sin in the form of disease, disasters, and daily choices that damage lives when they're made without God. Let's join Janet in prayer as we ask God to come into these circumstances and bring his healing:


Lord, one of the ways you protect and guide us through life is to make your perfect ways known to us. Please help us to hear your voice through what Richard has to say today:



Lyrics below this video (from a church near Durban, South Africa)...

Multiply Your love through us to the lost and the least

Let us be Your healing hands, Your instruments of peace

May our single purpose be to imitate Your life

Through our simple words and deeds let love be multiplied

Multiply Your love through me to someone in need

Help me Lord to freely give this grace that I've received

Let my single purpose be to imitate Your life

Through my simple words and deeds let love be multiplied

Let us see Your kingdom come to the poor and broken ones

Let us see a mighty flood of justice and mercy, O Jesus

Let love be multiplied, let love be multiplied

Multiply your church through us to the ends of the earth

Where there's only barrenness let us see new birth

Use us as your labourers working side by side

Let us see your harvest come, let love be multiplied


Link to the free film Greg shared with Christy:

"The Insanity of God" - A true story of Faith and Persecution

D-Groups & WhatsApp Bible studies

Discipleship groups (D-groups) and Bible studies are small groups that join together each week to read and discuss the bible. It's a way to meet people and also share ideas, experiences and support. If you'd like to join one please feel free to contact Sarah Smith or our office (see "Contact Us" below):

1. In light of what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Cor 1:12 what dangers arise for the church when people favour one preacher over and above another? Why is it important to follow Christ?

2. Tell of a time when God has used someone to help you develop and grow in your faith.

3. Why is the ‘Reading of Scripture’ profitable? Tell of a time when something you read in the Bible brought about a change in your life.

4. Why is it important for us to be approachable to others? How do we best demonstrate to others that we are approachable?


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