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16 August 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Acts 10 - The ministry of Peter (part 2) - Sharing God's message

Welcome everyone - today Christy and Clare-Alana will be leading us in worship, and Alan will be bringing the message.


The children's service can be found on www.hillsong.co.uk, or go to YouTube: "Hillsong kids online service". It is released each Sunday morning, so check that it is the most recent post!  


Why should we take time for "God" things? (While this short clip is aimed at teens, we invite adults to view it too as it is a really good place to start our service today.)

Lord, we know that absolutely nothing in the world is more valuable or worthy of our love and devotion than You are. Help us to each hear your voice speaking to us this morning through what follows. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Reading: Acts 10

You can click on this link and press "play" to hear it read to you, or you can read it in your own bible/bible app: https://www.biblegateway.com/audio/suchet/nivuk/Acts.10

So here's me stepping out in faith on something I've felt led to share for quite some time but have felt really nervous about speaking out on...

We hear a lot about women who suffer at the hands of men, and I'm not belittling that in any way as there are some terribly abusive men in the world. However, there are a lot of men who suffer at the hands of vindictive women who openly use their own femininity and children to inflict maximum pain. In many countries, including our own, these men receive little, to no, media attention, support from the law, welfare, or public sympathy unless they have substantial financial resources. What we see in Acts 10 is that God has no favourites, so let's pray...

Intercessory Prayers

Father, so many people are suffering from broken relationships in our families. Everyone seems to be out looking for the perfect partner, perfect life, perfect job, and when they can't find it, they throw aside what they've got, like it means nothing, and try somewhere else. We can see that much of this is caused by people feeling misunderstood, dissatisfied and spiritually - possibly even physically - homeless. So many of us have lost sight of You, our Creator and Author of Life, that we've got no real sense of what goes into making something lasting and good. As we watch this next video clip, would you bring to mind any incidents in our own lives where gender and children have been used to inflict harm so we can pray for them. (You might like to use the prayers below to guide you, otherwise just pray what God lays on your heart.)

* If we need to apologise to you for our careless words or bad handling of situations in relation to our families, please bring that to mind.

* If we need to offer forgiveness, please work that miracle in us - even if it's just a step in the right direction for now - so that we are not held in the bondage of anger and depression going forward.

* If we need forgiveness for hurting and judging others, we ask for this right now too, particularly where we may have used our own family members, friends or colleagues to inflict that hurt.

* Where we might need to take action to mend what's broken, grant us wisdom in how to do that. Help us to keep you in the forefront of all we say and do from here on out so that we can start to figure out how you do things, rather than following the advice of a very misguided world.

Thank you that you hear our prayers, and offer us the love and fulfilment of an eternal relationship with the most faithful, loving partner in existence - Jesus. No one has, or will, ever give more to know us, and have us know them, no matter how worthless we feel, or how much we've messed up. What an amazing gift you are, Jesus! Amen.

And now, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and evermore. Amen

We leave you with a beautiful song that Greg shared this week that sums up the message of this morning most aptly. If you need further prayer, do email us at admin@haylingislandbaptist.org.uk



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Garden / WhatsApp bible studies

If you'd still like to join please email admin@haylingislandbaptist.co.uk

A number of our groups are taking a holiday at present. If yours is meeting, we encourage you to read through Acts 10 together and share what has spoken to you particularly out of both the passage and today's service. Encourage folk to raise questions and share personal experiences too. Try to make time to pray, and listen, for those people and circumstances that the Lord is laying on your hearts.

When will services resume at the Community Centre?

These guidelines from the government make it clear that due to the fact we meet in a shared community facility, it is not yet safe for us to open:


However, we are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you posted!

Food Bank

Paul Dennison, from the Bridge Church, will continue to collect for the Food Bank. Sarah and David are still happy to receive food for the Food Bank at their home until we are back at church, and even then to organise its delivery to the Bridge.

As to Hayling Holiday Lunches, the government has said they will only provide vouchers for the summer and not in future holidays, so Hayling Holiday Lunches will resume when needed.

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