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14 March 2021 - Lent 4

Luke 19:1-10 "Zacchaeus - the pure of heart"

Welcome and a Happy Mother's Day to all the very special women in our family. Lord, we thank you for the gift of mothers and mother figures who support and nurture both those in their family and our community. What a precious gift You have given us in them!

While we normally share our prayers later in the service, today Millie is going to open our service, bringing to mind reasons for thanksgiving, and also some of the concerns that we bring with us into our worship today:

For our younger members, Katie and Jan are about to tell us some particularly unusual stories from the Bible! The Life Zone message and song that follow are intended not only as a message for young adults, but also as a precursor to worship, so even if you're a young adult disguised beneath grey (or no) hair, do take a listen. Finally, after you've spent time with the Lord in song and receiving Richard's message, don't miss the three exciting areas described below to find out about places where our members are actively connecting with areas very much in need of the generosity of others at this time.

Tiny Tots

Sunday Club

The bible story this morning is taken from “God’s Story” by Karyn Henley, published by Kingsway Publications, © Karyn Henley 1998.

To discover what Abraham and Sarah’s baby should be called, take a look in the book of Genesis chapter 17, verse 19.

Life Zone


Generosity Opportunities

To be generous requires keeping an ear to the ground for information, then praying about how and where God would like us to assist with those needs. Here are three ministries that some of our members are directly involved in:

  1. Hayling Holiday Lunches - a combined effort to assist over 70 local families who rely on school meals to feed their children during the school holidays. Sarah and David are our church's point of contact and you can read about their outreach and how to contribute here.

  2. Mutima - a church and outreach to women and children in Uganda, providing training, feeding and shelter where possible. Mel is our point of contact. They are currently facing enormous challenges. Read their latest update and find out how you can help here.

  3. African Medley - support for needs Nick and Christy are connected to in South Africa. These currently include:

* assistance with schooling and feeding in Wesbank, a violent, gang-ruled area with

many drug problems in BlueDowns, Western Cape.

* a feeding scheme addressing the needs of the many homeless people who live on the

streets of Somerset West, Western Cape, many of whom are illegal immigrants who

receive no assistance from the South African government, though desperate South

Africans who have lost jobs during the pandemic are also catered for. Currently they

supply 220 basic meal packs, friendship and prayer support for those who come each

week. You can hear more directly from Colin van Os, who heads up this outreach,

here (jump to 18:45).

Donations to the African needs can be made to:

African Medley, Account 07074739 Sort Code: 23-69-72

Please reference your payment as Mutima, Wesbank or Somerset West if you have a

preference for where your funds are sent.

There are also many other ministries, such as Open Doors (support for persecuted Christians) and A21 (a ministry that helps victims of human trafficking) that our members support. No one can fix all the problems of the world alone, but as information comes across your path, keep an ear out for that little nudge in your spirit that says, "this is one I want you to give to". It may be a single donation, or something more regular. Our obedience helps to allow the One who really can fix the problems of the world to do so.

Bible Study Questions

Luke 19:1-10 "Zacchaeus - the pure of heart"

1. Why did Zacchaeus want to see Jesus? What did he do in order to see Him? What does this tell us about Zacchaeus?

2. What is significant about Jesus calling Zacchaeus by name?

3. Jesus visited the home of Zacchaeus. How did the townspeople respond and why? What does this tell us about Jesus?

4. When Jesus came to his house, what new decision did Zacchaeus make? What does this show about him? How did Jesus respond to this?

5. Read verse 10. What does Jesus teach about his purpose in coming?

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