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13 June

Acts 28:1-10 Paul in Malta

Hi everyone

A reminder that our live services and children's clubs have re-started on Sundays 10am at the Hayling Island Community Centre. You can, however, still join the service online by following these simple instructions:

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Questions for D Groups

1) Paul had just survived hunger & a shipwreck , all the while as a prisoner. How do you think he was able to do this?

2) Paul does not appear to correct the Maltese people when they think he is a murderer then a god. Can you give an example from your life when God prompted you to let actions speak louder than words?

3) If we come across beliefs/ views that seem odd or even a bit ridiculous, how is the best way to approach a respectful conversation with that person?

4) What aspect of God's nature would you like to understand more? How do you think this would change your relationship with Him if you did?


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