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12 September 2021

John 6:1-14 Jesus Feeds the 5000

Some folk still find it easier to access our services through this blog, so we will continue to post them here until the end of the series on John next February. Note that you can fast forward through any sections by either

a) tapping once on the video then dragging the time marker at the bottom of the video along to different sections; or

b) double clicking on the video and to open it in YouTube, where you can click on the blue time stamps below the video to jump to the sermon or particular parts of worship. (If you can't find the time stamps, click on the words "SHOW MORE" below the video and they'll open up.)

Questions for further reflection

1) Why are the miracles of Jesus so important? What do they reveal? What do we learn from them?

2) Jesus tested the disciples faith, by saying “you give them something to eat” Have you ever had times when your faith has been tested? How did it work out?

3) God values broken things, what does it mean to be broken in faith?

4) what does it mean to have a humble and contrite spirit?

5) what meagre offerings do we lay before God, what gifts and talents do you think you have that God can multiply for the benefit of his kingdom? Prayer for each other.

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