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11 April 2021

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Acts 20:13-38 "Paul's farewell message"


We hope you enjoyed a Happy Easter. Let's open with a song that reminds us of what we celebrated last weekend:

To help us find out what's in this amazing book, Katie and Jan have some exciting stories to tell our youngsters (and young at heart!).

Tiny Tots

Sunday Club

The bible story this morning is taken from “50 WILDEST BIBLE STORIES” by Andy Robb, published by CWR. Copyright © 2009 Andy Robb.

CRAZY COUNTDOWN. To find out how few God-pleasing people Abraham managed to persuade God to save the cities for, you’ll need to do your own bit of detective work, by looking in the book of Genesis chapter 18 and verses 32 and 33.

Life Zone

The Life Zone message is aimed at young adults, but is also a preparation for worship...


In this time of silence, quietly hand over the things weighing on your conscience. We begin by acknowledging our wrongdoing and apologising to God for offending his holiness by some of our misguided words, thoughts and actions. We may also need to offer someone an apology, or forgive them if they've wronged us. Don't feel hurried - rather aim to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit as he brings to mind both what to hand over and how to make things right, even if it's just a step in the right direction rather than a full "fixing" of the problems for now. Know that any genuine desire to apologise and to make things right is heard by God; the forgiveness he offers through Jesus' death on our behalf allows him to offer us full forgiveness and the opportunity to be clothed anew in His own purity. Now receive that incredible gift by faith and come and worship him.

Knowing the grace and new life we get to enjoy whenever we come to Jesus, we would bring to him those we care about to ask his healing and blessing for them too:



Small group questions

Read Acts 20:13-38

1. What is 'sound doctrine' and how do we know what is and isn't 'sound'?

2. Why is 'sound doctrine' important?

3. Who might the 'wolves' be referred to by Paul and Jesus?

4. Read Ephesians 4: 11 - 16 and discuss.

5. Apart from doctrinal/theology issues, what else can commonly cause disunity within a fellowship? How can we counter that?


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If you would like to find out more about how and why Christians donate to churches this article provides relevant scriptures and some interesting history on the topic.

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