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1 November 2020

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Acts 16:16-40 - The conversion of the jailor

Welcome everyone! Today is a very special service as it's the first we are able to present that has been live streamed from beginning to end. We'd like to say a special word of thanks to Alan for all he's done to get us this far, and also to Pastor Graham Mol from The New Harvest Christian Fellowship for his assistance when we got stuck... a few times.


The children's service can be found on www.hillsong.co.uk, or go to YouTube: "Hillsong kids online service". It is released each Sunday morning, so do check that it is the most recent post!  


Once you click on the video below, the notices will scroll for just over 3 minutes. This would normally run before the service starts to allow anyone tuning in from him to tune in a few minutes before the service begins. If you wish, you can drag the time curser along at the bottom of the video to find the various parts of the service as follows:

00:00 Notices

03:25 Worship & Communion

25:33 Sermon

39:19 Intercession & Closing


Live stream feedback

Once an event like our service has been live streamed, it remains on YouTube as a video that can be accessed anytime. This is how we have been able to show you a service today that we actually live streamed on Friday 30 October.

We are aware of a number of areas we still need to work on, but please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page if you:

a) struggled to download this video

b) struggled to hear any particular part of it.

Garden / Video bible studies

As you meet this week, begin by praying for the Holy Spirit to guide your discussion. Then read Acts 16:16-40 and discuss these questions:

1) Paul and Silas opted to sing praises to the Lord after being beaten and thrown in prison. What would have been some of the benefits in choosing to do this?

2) Christy read from Henri Nouwen's book "Discernment" about three harmful types of memory - remorse, shame and guilt. Nouwen suggests that through remembering Christ in worship and the act of taking communion these memories are healed as remorse is transformed into contrition; shame into compassion; and guilt into a heart that's receptive to forgiveness. Discuss.

3) Alan pointed out that in many ways it seems that Paul and Silas were put in chains so that the jailor could be set free. In what ways is this evident?

4) Looking back over your own life experiences, has there ever been a time when you went through difficult things and discovered that others around you were able to benefit from the way you chose to deal with these circumstances? Alternatively, have you ever benefitted in your spiritual growth from observing the way someone else has handled their struggles?

If anyone would still like to link in with a group, please contact Sarah or the office so we can assist you in doing so. As lockdown comes into effect again, remember that you can meet via WhatsApp for a 60 minute call (the number of devices that can link in to a call has been increased to eight).

Church Leadership

Please pray for the leaders as they meet again on 3 November. There is much to work through in the light of the new lockdown, needs in the church, and Christmas, but if there is anything at all you feel we may be unaware of and need to consider, please do bring it to our attention by emailing office@haylingislandbaptist.org.uk.

Hayling Holiday Lunches - update from Sarah

We have been blessed with the offer of a room (appropriately called the Upper Room!) in the URC to store our HHL food. Whilst we could not have begun and run the project without Sam and Carlton's garage which we have used for the past three years we shall be glad for warmer premises in the winter months and they will of course continue to be part of it. We have decided to make a delivery in the Christmas holidays regardless of whether the voucher scheme will run and so will be glad of donations of tinned food and also nearer the time chocolate/biscuits etc for Christmas. They can be left at our home 18 Chichester Avenue and if we are out in the storage box by the side gate. We should like to include an angel in the bags! You may have knitted one for CTOH a couple of years ago - ask Sarah for the pattern if you can knit some - very simple, they take just an hour.


Jenny Owens has some Traidcraft catalogues if anyone would like one - Advent calendars, Christmas cards and the usual food /craft items. Please let Sarah know if you would like one and she will deliver.


If you'd like to donate to the work of this church, you can do so at:


Hayling Island Baptist Church

Acc: 86223828

Sort code: 53-50-33

If you would like to find out more about how and why Christians donate to churches this article provides relevant scriptures and some interesting history on the topic.

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