Churches Together on Hayling

Different types of churches have arisen over the 2000 years that Christianity has been growing. This has happened as a result of the spreading of our faith to different places, and also through the various responses of Christians to certain game-changing events in history. Christian churches all believe the same key things though: 


God has had a plan for human beings since before the beginning of time, and that He has actively engaged with humanity numerous times throughout our history to reveal this plan to us. You could delve into the books of Genesis through to Esther to find out how it all started, but the mind-blowing crux of the plan came in the person of Jesus Christ. God actually impregnated a young virgin, named Mary, so that he could come and live among us as the person of Jesus Christ (Luke 1 - 2) Jesus gave us a way to relate to God that no person had ever been able to enjoy before. He not only opened up the potential for a much more personal relationship with our Maker, but He actually paid the price for our rebellion against God by dying a punishing death by torture and crucifixion. Having taken the punishment for all levels of wrongdoing, Jesus is able to offer every person the opportunity to re-enter a loving relationship with God once again. Also, although humanity's rebellion against God brought with it the terrible curse of death, through Jesus' death and resurrection on our behalf (John 18-20), we look forward to eternal life with God on the other side of our own deaths. In heaven with Him, there will be no more death, sickness, hurt or destruction of any kind. Sound too good to be true? Check out Revelations 21:1-8 for yourself - sounds like a good deal to us, but really it's up to you to decide if it's worth testing out.  

On Hayling Island our neighbouring churches include: 


St Peter's Anglican Church   (PO11 0RT)

St Mary's Anglican Church   (PO11 0NT)

St Andrew's Anglican Church   (PO11 9QL)

St Patrick's Catholic Church   (PO11 0QU)

South Hayling United Reformed Church (URC)   (PO11 0HB)

Hayling Christian Centre (Elim)   (PO11 9EH)

The Bridge Church   (PO11 0JD)

Hayling Island Baptist Church (HIBC)   (PO11 0HB)

No matter where your own spiritual journey is at right now, you're invited to join us all for: 

Praise on the Plaza

Sun 14 June 2pm @ the plaza on Eastoke Corner (PO11 9LL)

Christian Aid

9-16 May

Wed 13 May - collection at the car boot sale at Beachlands (PO11 9JJ)

Sat 16 May - coffee morning at URC

Walk of Witness

Good Friday 10 April - from Saint Mary's to URC