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It is our belief that Christianity is not just an intellectual belief system based on the Bible, or a moral lifestyle based on "old-fashioned" values. Rather, we believe that Christianity can only truly come to life through a very real connection to God. Worship and prayer are key to facilitating this kind of two-way connection, allowing us to not only speak to God, but hear from Him too as we invite His Spirit to move among us, fill us, speak to us and even minister through us. 

This might sound a little weird, but the truth is, it's no different from what the very first Christians were getting up to when they worshipped 2000 years ago! Admittedly, if you read the book of Acts, some of this does sound pretty weird, but it was also the powerhouse of highly dangerous preaching that transformed the rest of history, and some literally earth-shattering miracles. If you want to know if any of that stuff still happens, we invite you to muster your courage and come give it a go. 


Worship has many facets but the main form it takes in any kind of group meeting is song and prayer. Awe, humility, joy, intimacy - these are just some of the sentiments we seek to express to the Lord when we gather together to worship Him. That doesn't sound too scary, does it? As we open ourselves to the ministry of his Holy Spirit, we find spontaneous prayers and words of encouragement flow through people in the congregation to one another as God speaks both privately and openly to us.

We draw on a wide variety of songs, from ancient hymns to songs written in the rock and pop styles of today. We believe that because the church is meant to be a family, our musical culture should embody songs that speak to all who want to be a part of it, from the youngest to the oldest. Overall though, we believe that our music and lyrics should be modern and relevant to the world we find ourselves in today, so even when we sing older songs, you'll find they sound quite contemporary. 


Occasionally members of our music team write songs of their own. Below you will find an album that HIBC released just one year ago. This might give you a little window into not just our sound, but some of our conversations with God. If you want to hear from Him too, ask Him to highlight whichever lyrics He wants you to take note of as you listen. Who knows, maybe you'll be drawn into the conversation too... 


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A worship album released by HIBC in conjunction with churches in Johannesburg and Somerset West, South Africa 

17 original songs - available on iTunes (all proceeds go to charity)

Sheet music available at www.sheetmusicplus.com